Sassnitz-Mukran, 05. Jule 2022 — FRS started the night departures to Ystad (Sweden). Now passengers are able to use the fastest travel connection between Germany and Sweden vice versa quickly and easily at night, additional to the exsisting daily the departures.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 22. June 2022 — As part of a port screening, representatives of Mukran Port visit several ports in the Baltic States as well as the Latvian railway to examine the possibilities for cooperation.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 17. June 2022 — In order to continuously meet the requirements of our partners, maintenance work is essential at regular intervals. At the moment, roof work is being carried out on Hall 01 as well as repairs to some of the port's own railtrack-switches.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 15. June 2022 — In Brussels, international logistics experts meet together with representatives of the EU Parliament and Kazakh politicians to exchange ideas and optimise the Kazakh transit transport corridor to and from the EU. Mukran Port is also represented at this expert meeting.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 10. June 2022 — This year's „Berner Tage“ of the CIT, which will be attended by a Mukran Port representative, will also mark the 120th anniversary of the association in Bern (Switzerland). At the Bern Days of the CIT, international experts meet with the aim of laying the foundations for standardising and simplifying cross-border transport between the individual countries.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 9. June 2022 — Today, a sawn timber tow arrived at Mukran Port. Unloading by Mukran Port Terminals started immediately after all official approvals had been obtained. The approx. 11,000 m³ will first be stored temporarily at the port area before transport is going on after customer call-off.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 8. June 2022 — The first two cruise vessels this year called Mukran Port. Yesterday, Tuesday, this year's season started with "AIDADiva" and today the "STAR LEGEND" is moored in Mukran Port. With perfect weather, passengers can explore the charms of the beautiful island of Rügen.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 4. June 2022 — Early on Saturday morning, a train with gravel was shunted to the unloading point by Baltic Port Rail directly after arrival at Mukran station. Mukran Port Terminals then unloaded the wagons without delay according to the customer's wishes.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 21. May 2022 — On 21 May 2022, for the first time this season, there were two daily ferry departures from and to Rönne / Bornholm (Denmark) at Mukran Port, in addition to the departures to Ystad in Sweden.

The shuttle train service, which connects local and long-distance trains with the ferry departures to and from Sweden and Denmark, began operating on time for the double departure. Already on the first day of operation, numerous ferry passengers took advantage of the new offer of environmentally friendly travel by train.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 20. May 2022 — To increase performance and create even more flexibility, two mobile harbour cranes from Mukran Port Terminals were moved within the port area. One mobile crane was moved from the south to the north harbour and a technically different crane from the north to the south port area.


Sassnitz-Mukran, 19. May 2022 — Mukran Port is represented with its own stand at the largest trade fair for break bulk in Europe. The trade fair, which is taking place this year in Rotterdam, is an important meeting place for experts in the break bulk segment from shipping, terminals and logistics.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 13. May 2022 — Mukran Port successfully participated in the delegation trip of the „Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft“ to Kazakhstan.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 06. May 2022 — On 6 May 2022, GETO (Group of European TransEurasia Operators and Forwarders) held its annual general meeting, which was also attended by representatives of the Mukran Port Group. With Harm Sievers, the Mukran site also provides the president of this internationally important association in the trans-Eurasian forwarding industry.




Sassnitz-Mukran, 29. April 2022 — At the Mukran Port subsidiary "Baltic Port Services", the complete general inspection of an EGP class 151 electric locomotive was completed. In this context, the bogies were also replaced and a completely new design was created.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 14. April 2022 — Mukran Port wishes all partners, friends and employees a Happy Easter 2022!





Sassnitz-Mukran, 8. April 2022 — At the end of March and the beginning of April, a grain train arrives Mukran almost daily.  Baltic Port Rail is shunting the waggons to the grain terminal for unloading.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 1. April 2022 — Today, the FRS high-speed catamaran started this year's ferry service between Mukran and Ystad in Sweden.





Sassnitz-Mukran, 25.02.2022 — The Fairplay Towage Group is now stationing a tugboat type „Voith-Schneider Tractor“ in the port of Mukran. This ensures 24-hour operational readiness for overseas shipping in all weather conditions.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 10.02.2022 - The EGP Siemens Smartron electric locomotive with the identification “192 103“ [NVR number: 91 80 6192 103-0 D-EGP], know to all as the “Dragon Locomotive“, on the way from Mukran to Hamburg with containers from the Baltic Sea Bridge again.

Sassnitz-Mukran, 08.02.2022 - The bulk carrier FITNES with a capacity of 33,100 tons (DWT) unloaded around 30,000 tons of gravel stones from Norway for the company Mibau at berth 10a. The ship with a length of 176 m can unload the bulk material via conveyor belty with the 86 m long jib without external handling equipment. The extinguishing capacity is 3,000 tons per hour.