Mukran Port as logistics hub in international project business: Trombone Cooler for Norwegian silicon factory

Sassnitz-Mukran, 20 February 2019 - On Saturday (16 February 2019) the loading of the components of a coil cooler was completed at the Mukran Port. The cargo consists of six modular process frames (skids), built-in parts and construction site equipment. A total of 600 tons of material were loaded and then shipped to Norway.

Kraftanlagen München GmbH has been commissioned to construct a cooling plant for a silicon factory in Holla, Norway. However, the on-site construction site only offers limited space. Production is therefore modular. The Mukran Port was chosen as the location for the pre-assembly of the heavy-duty parts, also due to its direct deep-water access to the open sea.

With its generous production and storage areas, the port also offers ideal conditions for the production of the huge individual parts. In addition to manufacturing the skids, prefabricated channels were also mounted on a steel frame and welded. The skids alone weigh between 70 tons and 100 tons each and are twice the size of a truck. The finished channels weigh 33 tons each.

"With the Mukran Port, we have found a location that offers us the best possible conditions for realizing our project. We were completely convinced by the Mukran Port's spacious storage and production areas, its professional cooperation and access to the open sea," says Frank Schuster, Project Manager at Kraftanlagen München GmbH, about the conditions in the Mukran Port.

"Kraftanlagen München GmbH's decision to use the Mukran Port as a production site for a project in Norway shows that we are one of the most important maritime industrial centres and logistics hubs in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. When it comes to project business, generous and heavy-duty areas are particularly important. The Mukran Port has 170 hectares of land available for production and storage," says Harm Sievers, Managing Director of Mukran Port. nbsp]In addition to handling heavy goods, the range of services offered by Mukran Port also includes warehouse logistics and the organisation of transports.

The cargo is now on its way to Holla in Norway. In the coming weeks the work in Norway will be continued and the fully assembled cooler will be handed over to the end customer until Easter.