Port Sassnitz-Mukran with Christmas greetings for ship crews

Sassnitz-Mukran, December 17, 2020 — Due to the measures taken to contain the Corona pandemic, ship crews are currently not allowed to go ashore in Mukran Port and Sassnitz City Port. To give them a little joy in this situation, the Port Sassnitz-Mukran e.V. distributed 500 chocolate Santas and Stollen to the seafarers on 16 December.
"No matter if cargo ship, offshore service vessel or cruise ship - with this small gesture we want to show all sailors of the crews that despite the fact that they have to stay on board, we still think of them. They are the ones who keep international freight traffic running and they do a great job indeed," said Harm Sievers, chairman of Port Sassnitz-Mukran e.V. "Many thanks to all of them who now have to perform their already hard work under these difficult conditions!"